Coca Cola

On May 8, 1886 in Atlanta, John S. Pemberton created the Coca-Cola formula, and that is how the most popular and famous beverage on the planet was born. And for over 125 years, Coca-Cola has refreshed the world and accompanies all generations in their moments of joy.
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Coca Cola Zero

The impossible becomes possible with Coca-Cola Zero. This new member of the Coca-Cola family has allowed the world to enjoy the true taste of Coca-Cola with zero sugar.
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The field Schweppes

An inimitable taste, citrus extracts for a smooth sparkling drink.
null 3.00 €
Schweppes Citrus

A refreshing soft drink with natural citrus aromas (orange, grapefruit, lime and mandarin).
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Orangina is a soft drink made from orange and lemon, to shake before tasting!
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It is full of essential minerals and contains calcium. Its exceptional qualities have been recognised for more than 150 years.
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The other way to savor fruit, juicy and sweet, sun-drenched and selected with care: Orange, strawberry or grapefruit
3.00 €
Schweppes Citrus Zero

All the irresistible taste of Schweppes Citrus, no sugar and no calories. Refreshing carbonated drink with natural citrus flavors and other natural flavors, with sweeteners. With flavors of 4 citrus fruits
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Red Bull

The boisson energizer qui donne des ailes
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Fuze Tea Fishing

Fuze Tea, a delicious fusion of tea, fruit and plants rich in taste and low in calories.
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Oasis Tropical

Oasis Tropical is a flat drink made from 12% fruit concentrate consisting of oranges, apples, passion fruit and mango as well as 80% spring water with no preservatives and artificial colors.
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Red Martini

With sweet and bitter goat cheese, it exhales multiple aromas thanks to a blend of selected wine and herbs.

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White Martini

With its straw-like pale gold colour, it has a sweet taste with notes of vanilla and spices.
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Martini proud

Martini Fiero has a dark appearance. Her dress is red in the style of a brand like Campari. Develop immediately a taste of orange or even blood orange with a powerful attack. Fiero's mouth continues on a bright note of freshness.
null 4.00 €
WISKY William Lawson's

Enjoy our whiskey William Lawson's, one of the largest and most powerful Scottish clans in the Scottish Highlands.
null 6.00 / null 60.00 €
WHISKY cream Bailey's

Bailey's Original Irish Cream is an Irish alcohol similar to a whiskey liquor. This is produced on the basis of a mixture of Irish whiskey and cream, which is particularly sweet. Its taste is very pleasant in the mouth.
null 4.00 €
Get 27

Get 27 is a fresh, both strong and subtle liqueur. It is made from 7 different mint varieties and develops intense aromas of mint with tonic freshness softened by sweet notes.

null 4.50 / null 50.00 €
GIN Beefeater

Produced from a base of nine herbs (juniper, angelica root, angelica seeds, coriander, licorice, almonds, iris root, seville oranges and lemon zest) infused for at least 24 hours, Beefeater has long been the only London Dry Gin produced in the city of the same name. Classic in profile, it is marked by notes of citrus, pine and juniper. The mouth reveals orange, but also violet and coriander.
null 6.00 / null 60.00 €
VODKA Eristoff

Vodka Eristoff, we come straight from the land of wolves (country christened by the Persians "Virshan"), more precisely Georgie. The recipe for Vodka Eristoff is from Russia. But it was the first vodka created in Georgia by its master distiller and also Georgian prince in 1806 (Prince Alexander Constantine Eristavi / Eristoff).
null 6.00 / null 60.00 €
Bacardi RUM

This dry rum is tasty, marked by the vanilla notes of the nose mixed with the subtle aromas of almonds and exotic fruits.
null 7.00 / null 60.00 €
WISKY Jameson

Produced in Midleton (Cork), the best-selling Irish whiskey in France is a fruity blend with strong% pure pot still whiskey. Golden yellow, the nose is spicy and fruity (peach). The mouth in unison of the nose is relaivement unctuous. The finish evolves on notes of cereals and spices.
null 7.00 / null 70.00 €
WISKY Chivas 12 ans

The attack in the mouth and mellow. The profile is that of the nose. Then we go on citrus, while adding the sweetness of candied fruit. This whiskey shows a certain flexibility, the spices coming to spice up the silky character.
null 10.00 €
RHUM Bacardi Four

This traditional rum is characterized by its amber color drawing on the walleye. The Bacardi nose is immediately recognizable, with its characteristic clove aromas. It is a light and balanced rum, whose taste of molasses is followed by woody notes of oak, caramel, with a touch of pepper on the finish. Young, its finish is short with a note of tobacco.
null 8.00 / null 80.00 €
RUM Captain Morgan

A drink so named in honor of Sir Henry Morgan, the famous pirate who made the Caribbean shake in the seventeenth century. This traditional blend rum has a sweetness magnified by the natural spices and aromas of fruit and herbs that make up this famous secret-holding recipe. Its launch took place for the first time more than thirty years ago, in 1984!
null 8.00 / null 80.00 €
GIN Bombay

Created in 1987 based on a recipe dating from 1761, Bombay Sapphire is the result of a steam infusion of ten different plants (including juniper, coriander, almonds, lemon, angelica and licorice) suspended in copper baskets. This technique allows the production of a fine and elegant gin, lighter than many others.
null 7.00 / null 70.00 €
Rum Santa Teresa 1796 Amber Rum 40 °

Very valuable from the distillery, rum Santa Teresa 1796 is elaborated with great care within the family Hacienda.
null 9.00 / null 95.00 €
Didactic rum 20 years

Dictador 20 years old is a rum originating from Colombia, elaborated thanks to the know-how of a Cuban Master assembler according to the famous method of the Solera. This 20-year-old Dictador displays a profile whose aromatic complexity, elegant flavors and richness are much more present than in the 12-year-old version: an intoxicating marriage of heady, roasted and tropical fragrances ...
null 10.00 €

Haig Club Clubman was created in 2016 in partnership with David Beckham, master distiller Chris Clark and entrepreneur Simon Fuller. Their ambition is to create a high quality whiskey whose taste remains accessible.
null 8.00 / null 80.00 €

100% Italian, the Spritz has become the essential cocktail prepared with Apérol, Proscecco and its orange district.
null 7.50 €
Spritz Royal

A fresh cocktail with tangy flavors with Moët & Chandon IMPERIAL champagne!
null 9.00 €
Spritz Fiero

Made with FIERO martini instead of Aperol, here is an original and more fruity version that will please you!
null 7.50 €

The classic come straight from Cuba, Bacardi, brown sugar, fresh mint and lime!
null 7.50 €
Virgin Mojito

Salsa frenzied to the intoxicating rhythms of lime, mint and cane sugar ... the Caribbean ... hasta siempre!
null 6.00 €
Sex on the beach

American, this cocktail is composed of vodka, peach liquor, pineapple and cranberry juice.
7.50 €
Gin Fizz

Refreshing cocktail composed of Gin, lemon and Perrier
null 7.50 €
Gin Tonic

This famous Bombay gin cocktail, tonic and lime was introduced by the East India Company in the 18th century. You have the choice of composing your cocktail with 6 different TONICs
null 8.50 €

An explosive cocktail for a sensation of intense freshness. Pink and vodka, Cointreau, cranberry juice and lime, it is undoubtedly one of the most famous drinks in the world.
null 7.50 €
Spritz Saint Germain

The St-Germain Spritz is the aperitif cocktail par excellence. As light as it is refreshing, this cocktail brings out all the elderflower notes of the St-Germain liqueur giving your appetizer good ripe fruit flavors with a touch of citrus.
8.50 €
Fiero Tonic

Fresh and fruity, with notes of orange and tangerine, and with a touch of bitterness, ideal for your aperitifs!
7.50 €
Virgin Sex on the beach

American, this cocktail is composed of peach syrup, pineapple and cranberry juice.
null 6.00 €

Gray Goose, the brand of 100% French vodka offers a fresh and fruity cocktail - Gray Goose - Saint Germain Liquor - Pressed lime - Perrier - Lime slices
null 9.00 €
Gin Tonic made in Auvergne

Gin made in Auvergne made from 13 ingredients from a market gardener who is certified organic. Tonic made in France ORGANIC with fine bubbles
null 9.50 €
Moet & Chandon Rosé - Imperial

A radiant color: Its pink dress is radiant, predominantly red, adorned with purple reflections. Its aromatic is intense: a lively bouquet of small red berries of summer, completed with floral nuances (rose, hawthorn) and a peppery tip. The mouth is flamboyant, combining intensity and roundness: fleshy and juicy first, then firm, and finally subtly vegetable.
null 65.00 €
Moet & Chandon - Grand Vintage 2012

A shimmering color: pale yellow, shiny, green reflections, fine and persistent bubble. A bouquet of freshness: The first clues of fresh white flowers evolve to pastry notes, sweet and blond. A harmonious palate: The first contact is soft, supple and fluid. Then the texture unfolds, soft as cashmere or felt.
null 80.00 €
Moet & Chandon - Ice Imperial

An elegant color: The dress is deep gold, with amber shades. A fruity and intense nose: The aromatic intensity is immediate, tropical fruits and stone fruits, ripe, sweet spices, supplemented with fine original notes of red fruits and vegetables. A generous palate: The attack on the palate is full and fleshy, the richness unfolds in an explosion of fruity and sweet flavors, then the acidity is revealed for a refreshing finish.
null 60.00 €
Moët & Chandon - Imperial

Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial is the best-selling champagne in the world. This sparkling and generous vintage immediately seduces with its balanced profile and refined texture.
10.00 / null 60.00 €
Ruinard - White of white

Of great aromatic power, the white wine of whites is the perfect expression of the Ruinart taste: a fine and fruity nose, notes of citrus (lemon, citron), exotic fruits (pineapple, passion fruit) and flowers white.
null 95.00 €
Ruinard Brat

A fresh and balanced champagne with notes of dried fruits (hazelnut, almond) and white flowers escorted by aromas of buttered brioche.
null 80.00 €
Charles Lafitte

Champagne Charles Lafitte perfectly combines complexity and liveliness. It reveals notes of citrus and white flowers with a flavor of finely toasted bread.
8.00 / null 45.00 €
Ice Tropez

A wine cocktail combining the fruity freshness of the rosé with aromas of white peach (brugnon flower). Between viticultural tradition and urban invention, Ice Tropez symbolizes the art of living that we associate with a summer on the Côte-d'Azur.
null 5.00 €
Ice Tropez 0°

Ice Tropez stands out from his colleagues with a zero alcohol level. This drink is certainly made from a cocktail of fresh wine, but it has been largely lightened to be aimed at the greatest number. It reveals indeed sweet fruit aromas
null 5.00 €
Tariquet First Grives

A very fruity wine, it has aromas of fresh grapes and exotic fruits. Its aromas and freshness make it an essential wine, which will seduce you with the first sip.
6.00 €
Tariquet Classic

Intense and very nuanced wine. It is very fresh and evokes several aromas including citrus fruits, flowers and fruits. All these nuances seduce us and make this wine a must have at home on all occasions.
4.00 / null 18.00 €
Studio by MIRAVAL

Coming from parcels located on the French Riviera, surrounded by olive trees and umbrella pines, Studio by Miraval is strongly influenced by the spray and the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea. Its salty soils give the wine a unique character and an almost iodized finish.
6.00 / null 24.00 €

Auvergne wine classified as Auvergne AOC. Ruby garnet color, develops aromas of ripe fruit. Vinified and aged in barrels. Made from Pinot Noir and Gamay d'Auvergne grapes
5.50 / null 21.00 €

The Celtil cuvée is named after the father of Vercingétorix. Its dress is a bit tiled but when you have more than twenty centuries ... Bouquet of peony and spices, taste of cherry and liquorice, in a silky, balanced and long environment
6.00 / null 24.00 €

IGP Auvergne medal for red Verca wine, the name VERCA was the Gaulish coin struck by the hand. Its 100% Pinot noir wine with a swollen fruity, finely extracted and emphasized by an almost burgundy sap.
5.50 / null 21.00 €

Sweet and light pale lager flavoured with Tequila!
null 4.50 €
Heineken - DEMI

null 3.00 / null 5.80 €
Red Subite Beer

While pouring it, you will discover in the glass a beautiful light bright red dress above which enthroned a delicious creamy pink head. The nose will immerse you in childhood with a sweet intense scent of cherry candy accompanied by lambic scents. On the palate, the sensations are fine and soft with a touch of complexity.
null 4.50 €
Brown Ciney

In her glass, the Ciney Brune projects a beautiful dark red color, with a huge crown of little persistent foam. The aromas of cereals are released shortly before those of dried fruits and caramel. In the mouth, this brunette with medium carbonation shows an incredible sweetness, which gives way to tastes more roasted, and a little spicy, for a beautiful final a bit bitter.
null 4.50 €
Affligem - DEMI

The eye: Intense blond color, turning on amber, the slight disorder of her dress testifies to her artisanal method of manufacture. Nose: Beautiful power, slightly fruity with notes of Mirabelle plums, ripe fruit and citrus, accacia flowers, honey and gingerbread. The mouth: Ample and generous, the attack is frank and lively. Its taste is characterized by a great balance and a beautiful harmony between spices and dried fruits, sugar and sweet bitterness.
null 3.20 / null 6.00 €
Heineken - BLADE

Minimum 8 people ---> 2 softs offerts aux 2 SAM Mélange of modernity and tradition, they are strong identity in a unique location with unique character and incomparable savior.
null 70.00 €
Edelweiss - BLADE

Minimum 8 people ---> 2 softs offered to 2 SAM The Edelweiss is a beer with a pale blond color disturbed by wheat sediments suspended in the glass. It develops in the nose floral and spicy aromas with tart notes of lemon. On the palate, this Edelweiss appears sweet and fruity with hints of citrus, lemon and banana.
null 90.00 €

Minimum 8 people ---> 2 softs offered to 2 SAM The eye: Intense blond color, turning on the amber, the slight disorder of his dress testifies to his artisanal method of manufacture. Nose: Beautiful power, slightly fruity with notes of Mirabelle plums, ripe fruit and citrus, accacia flowers, honey and gingerbread. The mouth: Ample and generous, the attack is frank and lively. Its taste is characterized by a great balance and a beautiful harmony between spices and dried fruits, sugar and sweet bitterness.
null 90.00 €
Heineken 0°

In the colors of the iconic Heineken green bottle, this "zero-zero" is an ideal alternative for your moments of consumption. Late morning ? At noon ? In the evening ? This new lager 0.0% alcohol is removed at any time and it assumes!
null 4.00 €
The Doriane Blonde beer

A lager of character with a strong taste of malt and a perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness. It offers coriander flavors that will seduce you.
null 4.50 €
Doriane Blanche beer

White beer infused with a selection of citrus fruits. Light and sparkling it sublimates with a slice of lemon for a feeling of freshness.
null 4.50 €
Doriane Ambrée beer

Made from 3 malts selected by our Master Brewer, Doriane Ambrée is a seductive agreement between bitterness and aromatic power.
null 4.50 €
Affligem Carmin - BLADE

Affligem Cuvée Carmin is distinguished by its tartness with notes of cherry, raspberry, strawberry, rich and complex taste. An alliance between sweetness and bitterness, reflecting the perfect balance Affligem has found over the centuries.
null 90.00 €
Chocolat chaud Van Houten

Van Houten chocolate that combines the intense taste of cocoa with the sweetness of a beautiful milk froth
null 3.00 €
Kusmi Tea - SWEET LOVE

A true invitation to the awakening of the senses, Sweet Love offers sweetness and sensuality with its blend of spices, guarana, licorice and pink pepper with a naturally sweet taste. Its captivating fragrance will not let anyone resist ...
null 3.50 €
Kusmi Tea - Prince Wladimir

Created in 1888 as a tribute to Wladimir the Great, founder of Holy Russia, Prince Wladimir tea is a blend of Earl Gray, citrus, vanilla and spice.
null 3.50 €
Kusmi Tea - BB Detox

BB Detox is a succulent drink with green tea, mate, rooibos, guarana and dandelion, flavored with a sweet grapefruit note.
null 3.50 €
Kusmi Tea - Anastasia

Inspired by the myth of the great Duchess Anastasia, daughter of Tsar Nicholas II (Romanov dynasty), this exclusive blend illustrates the famous Russian taste of the Earl Gray-based house with its blend of black tea, bergamot, lemon and fleur de lys. orange. Secret since its creation, Anastasia is one of the emblematic recipes of the house created by Pavel Kousmichoff.
null 3.50 €
Kusmi Tea - Mint green tea Nanah

Nanah mint is the one used for teas in the Middle East and North Africa. Its refreshing taste makes mint green tea nanah a popular drink
null 3.50 €

Darjeeling is a tea grown in the Himalayan region for over 150 years. This original tea has a discreet bitterness and slightly spicy notes. It is best eaten alone because accompanying a meal may mask all the delicacy.
null 3.50 €
Nespresso Capuccino

Succumb to the ultimate delicacy of the marriage between the creaminess of the milk froth and the character of the Grands Crus NESPRESSO
null 2.50 €
Nespresso caramel latte macchiato

Literally "Latte Macchiato" means "stained milk" in Italian. Warm milk and creamy milk foam welcome the delicious coffee imprint for a spectacular and voluptuous result. Succumb to its light taste of caramel, a gourmet coffee!
null 3.00 €
Nespresso Latte macchiato choco cookies

Literally "Latte Macchiato" means "stained milk" in Italian. Warm milk and creamy milk foam welcome the delicious coffee imprint for a spectacular and voluptuous result. Pieces of chocolate cookies will add crunching to your tasting.
null 3.00 €
Great Viennese chocolate

VAN HOUTEN hot chocolate with whipped cream and cocoa powder
null 4.50 €